Inside the Artist's Studio with Gunnar Anderson

"Around the Campfire" with Gunnar Anderson - Sunday, March 16th 6:00 p.m. at Living Waters Lutheran Church

Gunnar Anderson is a retired Lutheran Pastor who currently enjoys a second career as the "Music Man" for a pre-school in his home community of North Plainfield. He is one-half of the duo, "Happenstance," once widely known on the local nursing home circuit. Gunnar has performed often for churches and nursing homes, as well as for church and civic organizations. Earning a professional doctorate, he furthered his experience at a Writer's and Poet's Conference held in the village of Bruree, County Limerick, on the west coast of Ireland, and produced his doctoral project - an Original Songbook!

Gunnar composed his first song while paddling in the stern of a canoe back in 1975! Inspired by family campfires, many wilderness canoe trips, travel adventures, and just plain life, he has continued to create music ever since. So, eagerly calling himself, to quote the late, great Pete Seeger, an "OLD FOLKIE," he likes to say, as he teaches the kids: "We're Gonna Sing Cause The Time Is To Sing!"

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